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Drawing area: biggest canvas
Site area: biggest screen
Program: clear information

Design is so simple. That's why it's so complicated.
- Paul Rand


// SLOVENIAN PHILHARMONIC promotional materials and concept of advertising campaign

// TOBAČNA LJUBLJANA brand and visual identity for the chain of kiosks

// ŽURNAL (Styria Medien A.G.) creative name solution and appearance design of daily newspaper

// MIR meat industry Radgona AVE brand, visual image, packaging design and television ads

// DELO REVIJE graphic design, layout and design of magazines

// ASOLSME AG corporate identity, internet portal, promotional printed matter

// EKO market. Corporate identity

// KLINIČNI CENTER Ljubljana graphic design of the information system

// HYPO LEASING promotional systems, corporate advertising

// FIERA MILANO ad campaign

// KVS200 industrial design of emergency call posts along highways

// FRIZERAJ graphic equipment of a hair salon

// GOLDEN DRUM Corbis ad selection

// DEMOKRACIJA renewal of the media and media approach

// FINŽGARJEVA GALERIJA holistic graphic identity

// SIQ SLOVENIAN INSTITUTE OF QUALITY promotional printed matter and graphics

// LIFE HEALING Toronto corporate identity and packaging, promotional printed matter

// TEGRAD PAP corporate identity, promotional printed matter

// NOVA GENERACIJA graphic identity

// ANGELIN vrtec corporate identity

// GZS Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia promotional materials during the visit of the Hong Kong ministerial delegation

// EVOLVE graphic identity and website

// GSK GlaxoSmithKline graphic guidance system, promotional printed matter

// OPTIINSURE integrated graphic identity and website

// BUSINESS LUNCH MI corporate identity and advertisements

// SUITE HOTEL KLASS corporate identity

// MARČEVE IDE name, conceptual design and graphic identity of the conference

// MEDIA SOLUTIONS + concept, integration into the environment and visual identity of an innovative media approach


We strive for best solutions, providing our customers with custom, tailor made products and overall experience in the wide range of work from architecture, interior design, graphic and much more.

To ensure the best resoults we hand peak our team out of professionals with long years of experience.

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