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Building idea: dreams
Site idea: thoughts
Program: happines

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.
- Winston Churchill


// RIKO housing fair space

// ASOLSME AG interior of business premises

// GEM construction and equipment of business premises

// HOUSE Z renovation project

// APARTMENT MARI renovation of an old town apartment

// SIMT construction and equipment of business premises

// LAVROVEC FARM eco farm project

// SUITE HOTEL CLASS hotel annex project

// CROCKS equipment of promotional and sales space in the city center

// DOMAČIJA ŠKR interior design

// TELEKOM telecommunications competitive solution for the renovation of the chain of stores

// VEGRAD Celovški dvori interior design system of 192 above-standard spaces

// VILLA DU interior design

// STOŽICE conceptual design of the restavrant and bar

// DNEVNIK interior design of the newspaper company

// ATTIC BELI renovation of an apartment in the attic

// S.K.HOUSE villa on Pohorje

// SUITE HOTEL CLASS hotel annex project

// CITY CENTER APARTMENT K1 renovation and reconstruction of an apartment in Ljubljana

// PROJECT CENTER W1 gradual renovation of the building in the center of Ljubljana

// VILLA DR renovation and extension of a villa in Ljubljana

// HOUSE ER renovation of a residential building

// CHALET UK7DR architecture and interior of a holiday home

// HOUSE.U8 renovation project

// CHALET GRABE architecture and interior design of the apartment-restaurant facility


We strive for best solutions, providing our customers with custom, tailor made products and overall experience in the wide range of work from architecture, interior design, graphic and much more.

To ensure the best resoults we hand peak our team out of professionals with long years of experience.

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